Deregister despite the pandemic

The Corona pandemic clashes with German buraucracy. The so-called “living organ” that’s posed a challenge for many people before already is now bound to create even more difficulties. These are especially hard to overcome for people who don’t speak German. Little can be done to change the course of the pandemic by us, but some insecurities can be cleared and occuring problems solved. If you need to deregister now, during the Corona-pandemic and are, due to deadlines, even obligated to do so during the hard lockdown you probably have a lot of questions.

We try to focus on the good in the bad and have gathered information on how you can tackle at least one problem during these trying times.

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Are citizen’s offices open despite the Corona-pandemic?

During the first lockdown in spring 2020, we’ve made the experience that not all citizen’s offices were open. As in any company the civil service departments as well try to have their employees work with as little exposure to other people as possible. This limits the amount of appointments handed out in  the first place. The distance rules need to be kept in place and so the waiting times increase unpredictably. On top of limited appointments often the opening hours were reduced. One silverlining is, that written applications for a deregistration are indeed processed. Postal requests are not posing difficulties with any distancing rules or tied to opening hours of the respective citizen’s office.

Safely deregister from home

With the hard lockdown announced and the infection numbers rising you may not want to put yourself at risk to go to a public office in the first place. So regardless of current opening hours of citizen’s office or a very limited amount of appointments available: There’s no denying that it’s riskier to travel to your citizen’s office, queue for your appointment, hand in the application with a clerk and then travel back to your place. If you want to avoid this exposure or simply safe yourself the hassle of being confronted with constantly changing guidelines you can still deregister from home with our service. All our applications during the first lockdown and the followed light lockdown have been successfully processed and we’ve even gotten feedback that the citizen’s offices appreciate the decrease of personal appointments, because it relieves them as well. There’s less unpredictability with waiting times and cancelled appointments on a short notice.

Deregister without needing to book an appointment

With by you can take care of the whole process from wherever you are. You don’t need to book an appointment and you don’t need to queue in line at the citizen’s office if you didn’t manage to get an appointment booked ahead of time. With all the stress of leaving a country during a pandemic, that’s one thing you don’t need to bother about. You can conveniently click yourself through our services and either take care of it yourself with the help of our step-by-step guide or you can book our services where we take care of this for you. You can avoid the cold winter weather and unpredictability of German bureaucracy struggling with a pandemic and avoid that your appointment is cancelled in the last minute. You get it done, when you choose it’s time to get it done.

How to deregister online

If you’re still unsure, you can rely on more than 15,750 successfull deregistration cases that we’ve taken care of over the years. We currently have more than 100 cases in process that run smoothly despite the pandemic. If everything it helps even remoter citizen’s offices to be more open-minded to our project of digitalizing and simplifying bureaucratic processes in Germany step-by-step.

We’re personally here to help you. What makes deregistration by special is that it combines up to date automatization and tech with real people double checking and being present. We’re aware that bureaucracy is highly influenced by the customer who needs it and the people executing the processes in the citizen’s office. Not calculating these factors in would’ve had this project fail on day one. To proof that we’re successful and efficient at what we do, we offer our 100%-money-back-guarantee. It’s never been used since we established it 6 years ago and we work hard on keeping it that way. If you’re not happy with our service or your deregistration fails, it’s easy and no hassle to claim your money back.