Processing times of the citizen's offices in Germany for deregistration of residenceProcessing times of the citizen’s offices in Germany for deregistration of residence

We receive many inquiries about how long it takes the local citizen’s offices to process deregistration applications by mail. There is no universal answer here.

The length of time it takes to process deregistration queries depends on many factors. These include:

  • Sick leave of staff
  • Holidays / vacation time
  • Coronavirus / Lockdown in Germany

Based on our years of experience we can say that the average processing time after receiving the letter is 1-3 weeks. This waiting period is shortened or extended by reasons above. We have already received answers within a few days. On the other hand, we have also waited more than 4 weeks.

Effects of the coronavirus on German citizen’s offices

Deregistration Confirmations

Despite COVID-19 we receive many residence deregistration confirmations for our customers

Despite the restrictions, there are many citizen’s offices that process applications quickly. Unfortunately, there are also cities where we are now waiting for weeks for a response. Many citizen’s offices are closed. Requests are only processed by mail / email / telephone.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, we have worked on many cases on behalf of our clients and are happy to share our findings. We update this list regularly. If you have had other experiences you are welcome to let us know.

Processing times by city

Some cities are currently experiencing significantly longer processing times. This affects large cities in particular.

Last update: July 2022
CityStatusProcessing time residence deregistration
Aachenup to 4 weeks
Aalenup to 4 weeks
Berlinup to 8 weeks
Bonnup to 4 weeks
Braunschweigup to 4 weeks
Bremenup to 4 weeks
Celleup to 4 weeks
Cologneup to 4 weeks
Darmstadtup to 4 weeks
Dortmundup to 4 weeks
Dresdenup to 4 weeks
Dusseldorfup to 4 weeks
Essenup to 4 weeks
Flensburgup to 4 weeks
Frankfurt a.M.up to 4 weeks
Freilassingup to 4 weeks
Göttingenup to 4 weeks
Hamburgup to 8 weeks
Hannoverup to 4 weeks
Heidelbergup to 4 weeks
Herzogenaurachup to 4 weeks
Karlsruheup to 4 weeks
Kasselup to 4 weeks
Kielup to 4 weeks
Konstanzup to 4 weeks
Krefeldup to 4 weeks
Leipzigup to 4 weeks
Ludwigshafenup to 4 weeks
Lübeckup to 4 weeks
Magdeburgup to 4 weeks
Mainzup to 4 weeks
Mannheimup to 4 weeks
Memmingenup to 4 weeks
Munichup to 8 weeks
Mönchengladbachup to 4 weeks
Neussup to 4 weeks
Neustadt an der Donauup to 4 weeks
Nurembergup to 4 weeks
Offenbachup to 4 weeks
Oldenburgup to 4 weeks
Osnabrückup to 4 weeks
Potsdamup to 4 weeks
Regensburgup to 4 weeks
Rosenheimup to 4 weeks
Saarbrückenup to 4 weeks
Stuttgartup to 4 weeks
Trierup to 4 weeks
Ulmup to 4 weeks
Weimarup to 4 weeks
Wiesbadenup to 4 weeks
Wilhelmshavenup to 4 weeks

My citizen’s office is not listed

We have made the following experience: the smaller the city, the faster the processing time. Delays can only be caused by the postal system. On average you should receive your confirmation within 1-3 weeks.

How long does it take before I receive an answer?

Please take into consideration that in addition to the processing times there are also mailing times.

Please keep in mind that we do our best to provide plausible and up to date information, but, we are not an official advisor (in terms of the Legal Services Act, RDG) on taxes, legal matters and such. Our service does not replace a individual consaltancy by a legal service. We provide you with digital tools and automated workflows to empower you on your deregistration of residence journey.