Deregister your residence in Frankfurt
(Leaving Germany)
You want to leave Frankfurt am Main / Germany? Your next step is to deregister your residence at the citizens office. We will help you!

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When do I have to deregister my residence in Frankfurt?

Are you moving abroad from Frankfurt or do you have a secondary residence in the city of banks that you would like to dissolve now? Then you have to deregister your residence. You can do this at the earliest one week before you plan to move out or within 14 days after you move out.

If you have already moved out for a while, but only recently realized that your residence deregistration was not done in time, then in most cases this is not a big problem. In our guide and in our FAQs we have gone into this in more detail and explain how you can still receive your deregistration confirmation.

How can I deregister my residence in Frankfurt?

Our guide offers you detailed instructions on how to successfully deregister your residence in Frankfurt am Main. The following to-dos can give you an overview.

You have to book an appointment at your local citizens office in Frankfurt. You can find a list of all offices in Frankfurt here (link to list below).

You can either book the appointment by phone with the city of Frankfurt itself (however, you may have difficulties with English or another language, as there are often language barriers with the staff). Or you can book the appointment online. This option has fewer language challenges and you avoid being stuck in a phone queue. Your appointment may not take place for a few weeks or everything may be fully booked at the moment. Unfortunately, the Bürgerämter often have too few employees and so you often have to plan for a long lead time.

If you have an appointment, then you must bring the forms of the city of Frankfurt filled out in German and give them to the employee. If everything is filled out and prepared correctly, you will receive your deregistration confirmation at the end of the appointment.
If you have difficulties with filling out German forms, can’t get a timely appointment with the city of Frankfurt, are already abroad, or if you just like it a bit faster and more convenient, then you can also have the deregistration of your residence in Frankfurt done online through us.

Citizens’ Offices of the City of Frankfurt

There is not only one central citizens office in Frankfurt, which is responsible for deregistration. Each of the eleven citizens’ registration offices in Frankfurt is responsible for deregistering your residence. A list of all citizens offices that handle deregistrations is here:

What you have to consider when moving out of Frankfurt

If you want to leave the financial center on the Main, there is of course more to it than the deregistration confirmation. Often it makes sense to plan it first, because it helps you to save money, to simplify the termination of contracts, if the end of the contract period is not yet reached and it is indispensable to prove that you do not have to pay taxes in Germany anymore.

We have created a more detailed overview here (link to the checklist) so that you don’t have any unpleasant surprises when the moving chaos starts and you are well prepared and know what you have to think about and when.

How else we can help you

In addition to residence deregistration (also completely online), we can help you with the following:

  • Cancellation of contracts
  • Set up a mail forwarding order
  • Terminate child benefit payments
  • Car deregistration
  • Business deregistration