How do I get a copy of my German deregistration confirmation?

We receive many inquiries whether we can help in the following scenario:

I have already deregistered and I’m no longer in Germany. Unfortunately, I have lost the confirmation of deregistration and need it now.

Reasons for this:

  • Proof of deregistration
  • contract termination
  • Proof for health insurance
  • Proof for pension insurance

Can we help? Yes!

We have already helped many customers to get a copy of their deregistration confirmation and have received it (using our German address), as many citizen’s offices do not send letters abroad. We then provided our customers with a scan and sent the original abroad.

What costs can I expect?

Citizen’s offices charge a fee of 5-15 € per person for the preparation of the confirmation. If several people need support, there is usually a maximum amount (the highest we experienced was 25€ for a whole family). We receive the exact amount from the citizen’s office and forward those details. After your payment the confirmation will be sent to us.

For our service we charge a fee of EUR 49,–. Included in this fee are:

  • Use of our online form (so that we have all relevant data)
  • Access to our secure customer area, where all ID cards / passports are uploaded and all communication with us takes place
  • Communication with the responsible citizen’s office
  • We provide a German address so you can receive the confirmation
  • we make the scan available in the secured customer area
  • we send the original confirmation abroad (additional charge EUR 20,–)

How can I book the service?

What is the exact procedure?

  1. Click on the button
  2. Fill out the form (please use the statement date from the past)
  3. Enter all persons for whom confirmation is required
  4. After the payment you will receive an email with a link
  5. Open a ticket in our secure customer area and upload all ID cards / passports
  6. Wait until we send the details of the payment to the citizen’s office and pay it
  7. After receiving the confirmation we will send you a scan of your cancellation confirmation
  8. We send your confirmation abroad

I have a question?

Please use the contact details below. We are happy to help :)